Using ansible to deploy hosts

I've discovered ansible several weeks ago, but only decided to give it a real try the last two.

Test vehicle was the setup of icinga & check_mk on several hosts I wanted to monitor, along with the setup of the master monitoring server.

Some time ago I had already taken a …

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Emacs and PHP/HTML mode

(X)Emacs can basically handle only one major mode. While this is fine for most applications, it is not very practicable for editing mixed HTML and PHP files, especially concerning indentation of lines.

Several possibilities exist to handle this situation :

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Testing websites in multiples IEs while running Linux

No need to run Windows in a virtual machine, wine can do the trick, thus having IE run as a single window within the Linux desktop.

Software is called IEs 4 Linux and is able to install several IE versions (5, 6, 7) in parallel.

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