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  1. Network boot for RPi

    Published: Sun 07 August 2016
    By JHF

    In Linux.

    tags: RPi

    I've read that the Raspberry-Pi-Foundation has released a new firmware for the RPi 3 not only allowing boot from USB drives but also through network (TFTP boot).

    The tutorial explains the necessary steps. Interesting thing is that an initial single boot with special config is needed to toggle a ...

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  2. Display issues with GTK applications

    After one the last package updates my GTK-based applications (especially firefox) started exhibiting display issues. Like checkboxes being present (mouse cursor is changing its shape when hovering over them) but not visible.

    It turned out this was and issue with an update of the GTK package.

    The fix itself is ...

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  3. Disk spinning up again and again

    On my NAS I'm trying to reduce power consumption by spinning down disks when they're not used. However I noticed that after a while the disks kept on spinning up and thus kept running 24/7.

    Manually shutting down the disks didn't help either, disks were up ...

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  4. Rkhunter cronjob errors

    Saw this in my weekly rkhunter's run :

    /usr/bin/rkhunter: 7439: [: Binary: unexpected operator
    /usr/bin/rkhunter: 7439: [: Binary: unexpected operator

    Was not the first time, but now I had time to investigate...

    So it seems that the problem comes from using non-english locales with ...

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  5. Creating self-signed SMIME certificate

    With all the cryptocalypse news from the last months the question of the trust in the CA's becomes relevant : why should I trust a well-known CA rather than operating my own ?

    The advantage of the usual method is clear : the CA is already included in the certificate stores of ...

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