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  1. Creating self-signed SMIME certificate

    With all the cryptocalypse news from the last months the question of the trust in the CA's becomes relevant : why should I trust a well-known CA rather than operating my own ?

    The advantage of the usual method is clear : the CA is already included in the certificate stores of ...

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  2. Disk and filesystem recovery

    Was asked to recover data from a SoHo NAS (Bufallo) disk. Windows had issues recognizing the partitions (now wonder as the NAS is operated with Linux). Trial was already made to use some Linux live distros (Ubuntu, Mint) in various versions to mount the data partition, with no success.

    I ...

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  3. php-fpm cluttering logfiles with status data

    Just noticed that the systemd logfiles on my laptop were filled up with lots of php-fpm messages, something like once every few seconds, reporting that php-fpm process is stillalive, has x items in the queue etc...

    Since this is just my laptop and no productive webserver, it makes no sense ...

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  4. Getting rid of new theme for top

    Back in november, the default "theme" of the top command in Arch Linux was changed. Using red color and displaying processed as a tree rather than sorted by CPU usage, it made the command pretty useless and eye-hurting.

    No idea why this change was performed, but I found how to ...

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  5. (k)GPG errors

    Since end of november kgpg was throwing errors popup when starting, root cause being gpg issues :

    gpg: Oops: keyid_from_fingerprint: no pubkey

    After longer ...

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  6. Syslog-ng segfaulting

    Since few days systemd wasfailing to start syslog-ng. systemd status reported syslog-ng to segfault with "error 4 in libsdjournal.so"

    Found the solution on the Arch Linux forums : in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf


    source src {


    source src {

    According to the post, this ...

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  7. Digikam segfaulting

    Since few days digikam was segfaulting right after displaying the startup splash screen !

    Found the hint to solve the issue : remove gstreamer0.10-good gstreamer0.10-good-plugins

    Sideffects : none so far. According to KaOS website version 0.10is not really longer needed.

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  8. Spamassassin failing to reload

    Since some time I was getting nearly each day an email from my cron :

    invoke-rc.d: initscript spamassassin, action "reload" failed.

    Googling for this I found several posts, bug tracker entries... but no real solution. Hint was : RC script is not finding the PID file, check ...

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