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  1. Spamassassin failing to reload

    Since some time I was getting nearly each day an email from my cron :

    invoke-rc.d: initscript spamassassin, action "reload" failed.

    Googling for this I found several posts, bug tracker entries... but no real solution. Hint was : RC script is not finding the PID file ...

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  2. Webtrees genealogy web frontend

    I've been using Gramps for quite a long time to store my genealogy data. Biggest advantage : it runs locally, which is very handy when doing offline research. However, the GUI is not very nice to display to non-genealogists and it's HTML export features are very limited, creating mostly ...

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  3. Using ansible to deploy hosts

    I've discovered ansible several weeks ago, but only decided to give it a real try the last two.

    Test vehicle was the setup of icinga & check_mk on several hosts I wanted to monitor, along with the setup of the master monitoring server.

    Some time ago I had already taken ...

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  4. Kitkkat restricting access to external SD card

    With the upgrade to Kitkat finally available for the S4, new problems arose : android now restricts app access to external SD cards. Apps can read from SD card, but not store files anymore. This is rather annoying as I'm using the external SD card to store the maps for ...

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  5. Generating huge quantities of random data

    Before encrypting a disk it is recommended to fill it with random data to make prediction of encrypted blocks more difficult.

    In practice this has become an issue with disks' capacity increasing - be it a SSD, with 120GB or a harddisk with 3TB : where to get such an amount of ...

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